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In the Pure laboratories, our geniuses mix a little bit of this with a little bit of that to brew up innovative new telecoms formulas. Always pushing the boundaries of the industry, we tinker away to create the perfect solution for you. What can we say? We’re just Igor to please.


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Finding solutions that get you working better is a real speciality of ours. It’s why we constantly seek out the most effective and cutting-edge services out there.

But we don’t just hand over some out-of-the-box generic solution to you. No way. We take the time to listen to exactly what you want, and then tailor your chosen solution to fit you perfectly. 

We’ll also make sure you’re up and running quickly and easily - whether this means providing network infrastructure such as cabling, or simply installing programmes onto your business devices. Solutions with Pure are simple and spectacular, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

One Net from Vodafone

The perfect remedy for all and any businesses suffering from a lack of communication cohesion.

One Net’s a bit of a marvellous medicine for business communications. It revitalises the way you work by unifying your communications systems into one seamless, easy to manage, easy to use system. Never miss a call or opportunity again, whether you’re in the office, on the move, or even abroad.

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Microsoft Office 365

A powerful productivity boost for all those businesses who need to be super effective whilst on the go.

Work like you’re in the office even when you’re not. Use familiar Office software via the Cloud to access your files from almost any device. Store, share, and edit documents with ease, and even call, message, or arrange conferences. It’s a productivity dream. Forget Cloud 9 - welcome to Cloud 365 (it’s better).

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Hosted Phone Systems

Clever, cutting-edge VoIP technology makes Hosted Phone Systems smart, reliable, and cost-effective.

Desktop phones are still needed in offices - they have all sorts of benefits for business. But not everyone wants an expensive onsite option. Hosted Phone Systems from Pure give you all the benefits of a traditional phone system, but with added flexibility and reliability, for less cost. That's a win-win, we'd say.

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4G Mobile Data

Super fast 4G mobile internet is rolling out across the nation and it's five times faster than 3G - so it gets you working fast.

Working on the go, sending and receiving emails, viewing documents, checking out the map on the way to a meeting... Mobile internet is invaluable. So don't waste your time with slow data connections - get the fastest internet possible with 4G. It'll rocket you into the fast and efficient future.

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Skype For Business

Connect, collaborate, and chat with anyone anywhere, on your favourite device or browser.

Communicate with coworkers, partners, and the millions of other Skype users around the globe via calls, video calls and instant messenger. Organise meetings, share, collaborate, and be more productive than ever thanks to the super smart features integrated into the easy-to-use Skype interface.

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Mobile Device Management

Manage, monitor, and make your mobile workforce safe and secure.

Mobile Device Management does what it says on the tin - and a whole lot more. As working on the go becomes ever more vital, you need to ensure that mobile devices and the data contained within them is protected. Vodafone’s clever Management solution makes this easy and effective.

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